T7 Global Berhad, formerly known as Tanjung Offshore Berhad,
has its roots in providing services to the nation’s expanding
oil & gas sector still extensively provides support
to a majority of the leading names in this field.

T7 Global sees the importance in its Design & Engineering division
and constantly nurtures and improves the division to ensure the products and services
we provide are the most efficient and advanced solutions for our clients.

T7 Aero is a vertically integrated aerospace engineering company,
with the vision of becoming a key player in the Aerospace industry.

T7 Global believes in nurturing upcoming generations who will eventually
become future leaders. With our vast experience and knowledge in
a variety of industries, T7 Global is strong in understanding
the needs of these industries, conceptualizing programs
and delivering content to meet them.

Fircroft Tanjung provides a full suite of skilled manpower services to a variety
of industries across all stages of a project, from construction and setup,
to operations and maintenance.

T7 Property was formed as the property arm of T7 Global Berhad. Besides being
a property investment company, T7 Property undertakes various initiatives
in property development, construction and infrastructure.

T7 Global Berhad focuses on the phenomenal growth of the Information & Communications Technology industry. We provide innovative and sector driven ICT solutions to our clients across the globe.