T7 Aero Sdn Bhd (“T7 Aero”) a wholly owned subsidiary of T7 Global Berhad. T7 Aero’s vision is to become a key player in the Aerospace industry, combining both innovative technology coupled with our extensive experience & knowledge in the Oil & Gas industry to continuously provide advanced, reliable, safe and efficient solutions to our clients.

T7 Kilgour Sdn Bhd (“T7 Kilgour”) is a Joint Venture company between T7 Aero Sdn Bhd & Kilgour UK Aerospace Group. Kilgour is a vertically integrated aerospace company with 50 years of in-depth technical know-how from the global aerospace industry in manufacturing complex components and assemblies.

T7 Kilgour specialises in third party metal surface treatment. The metal treatment processes includes:

  1. Surface Treatment
  2. Chemical Processing
  3. NDT (Non Destructive Testing)
  4. Painting & Marking
  5. Heat Treatment