Design & Engineering

T7 Global sees the importance in its Design & Engineering division and constantly nurtures and improves the division to ensure the products and services we provide are the most efficient and advanced solutions for our clients.

In 2013, T7 Global Berhad fully-acquired the equity interest in Gas Generators (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Gastec), thus making it a wholly owned subsidiary of T7 Global Berhad. Gastec is principally involved in designing, manufacturing and marketing of industrial gas packages and plant for on-site production for various industries.

Gastec works on the business model of long-term “build, operate and transfer” and “build, operate and own” contracts for both industrial and oil and gas industries.

Gastec has operations in the ASEAN region with active presence in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila.

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Universal Gas Generators Sdn. Bhd. is the marketing arm of Gastec Group focusing on selling and leasing of Gastec’s industrial gas packages.